A Melody

“No, life is music; each moment is melody or a full, soulful tone. . . . The tones of music also pass, but each tone has meaning as a tone; in the presence of this innermost meaning and soul of the tone, transience vanishes into insignificance.” Ludwig Feuerbach

How can we grasp the transformation between life and death? There was once a living, breathing person, and now they are no longer. Where did they go? What is this change? It can be expressed in different ways, but how can we fully comprehend it?

The object we see should fall rapidly and shutter, but instead it falls ever so slowly, blurred, transforming into another object that then also falls ever so slowly, blurred…The repetition of the object dropping, not breaking, on its journey to transform into something else, reveals the ephemeral essence of the transition between life and what comes next.